DSL Installation and Networking From Able Al's (TM)

DSL (digital subscriber line) is now available through the phone line
coming into your business or home in many areas (consult your phone provider first).  
The high-speed Internet access from DSL often exceeds cable modem speed and goes potentially up to 
126x faster than a 56k modem!  DSL turns ordinary copper phone lines into 
high-speed data connections.  An advantage to DSL is that it does not 
tie up your phone line while you are online.
Able Al's can install for you the DSL interface in your existing computer 
and install the needed filters throughout the rest of your phone system.  
We will also program in the DSL account and modify your existing 
Internet programs for use over DSL line. 
We also can set up and troubleshoot wired and wireless network installations.
If you have a cable modem set up we can assist you also.

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