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Jason Jeffers Collection CD

             Jason Jeffers CD Collection Jason Jeffers - Collection
   CD $11.99 + $3.99 shipping (1997, 42 min.)  Jason Jeffers - Collection

Tracks -
01 Say No 05 Moving Ahead By Backing Away
02 Time Out 06 Talk To Me
03 Colors 07 Ordinary Girl
04 Romantic Handicap 08 The Rest Of My Life

Jason Jeffers
A native of Baltimore, Maryland; Jason attended Syracuse University after High School, and received a BA from the Music Industry Program in l980.  He has been a Singer / Songwriter in Central NY area since 1979 entertaining at weddings and private parties.  This CD represents a collection of different styles of music with the familiar and timeless message of up love / down love, and life messages to enjoy.   If you like artists such as Stevie Wonder and Cameo, you will enjoy this CD.  If funk pop music is your bag; you'll dig this music.  The CD cover picture is the Island of Nantucket, which one of Jason Jeffers favorite places.   

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