The Game 1997 Mobius
( Sam Pantano &Chet Zeshonski)

Clouded mind,
Clouded dreams,
How did you get this way?

Time is such a funny thing..
A thousand years,

Watch the clock,
Watch the Sun,
Somehow it's all the same

Is life for a reason now,
Is it just a game?

Climbing spiral staircase
Trying to rise higher
Do you tell yourself the truth?
Or are you a liar...

Way is blocked
But here's the key
to open up the door

Open up your mind and see,
Do you think there's more...

Chain the clock...
Chain the sun...
Some things you just can't tame

Is life for a reason now...
Is it just a game

See....but you can't try to
Touch....but never

Rob....or else you
Cheat....and then you
Take....what you can't

Down the spiral staircase
Ceiling rising higher
View yourself through the lens of truth
Nothing but a liar...

Door is locked
But here's the key
To open up your mind

Oblivion or Infinity
What do you think you'll find?

Burn the Clock
Burn the Sun
Somehow you've lost the flame

Does your life have meaning now
Have you lost the game?

Questions never answered
The doubts that still remain!