New Geometry 1997 Mobius
(Written by Sam Pantano & Chet Zeshonski)

Abused by the accuser
Accused by the abuser
Rescued by a hero
Back into the pit

Inspired by an enemy
Murdered by a friend
A crazy f-ckin' world this is
One day it's gonna end

Keeping to conclusions
Leaping to delusions
Open eyes that blind you
To the holier than sleaze

A wolf in demon's clothes
Backwards to recession
As depression starts to grow

Answers without questions
Questions never asked
Clamping down the chaos
As the first becomes the last

Stitched me into pieces
Tore me into one
The dishonor that falls before
This death that I've begun

That's the way it always is
Seems like the more I give
The more they take it away
This new geometry

It seems to me
Is gonna drive me insane

And that's the way they play the game
You never know just where you stand
Because the rules are not the same
When you're not following the plan

And when I draw they say I lose
The only option I can choose
I've walked forever in these shoes

And when I win
They say, unsure
These aggravations I endure
There motivations are so pure
I want the cure

A bruising accusation
A bruised abusive nation
Winding down to zero
Back into the pit

Inspiring my enemies
Murdering my friends
Backwards f-ckin' world this is
Inside my head

And that's the way it always is
The more I f-ckin' give
The more they piss it away
This new geometry
Is reamin' me
Lashing back out at the page