The Saviors of the World 1997 Mobius
(Chet Zeshonski)

Here come the saviors of the world again
They're gonna lead you to the promised land
No more pain
No more loss
I've got a bridge in Brooklyn half the cost
They pull you down into their web of lies
And to late you realize...

They're gonna put an end to all your fears
They've got the answers that you wanna hear
Empty mind
Empty soul
Just get in line and let your freedom go

It's so much easier to be a slave
To ride the tide and join the wave
Chain you down
Watch you drown
I think it's time that you took a good look around...

Another day, another dime
For your peace of mind
And pretty soon it all starts adding up in spades
Faceless crowds, purple shrouds
Think if you had the chance you'd do it all over again?

Here come the saviors of the world again
Under the banner of the holy men
No more pain
No more loss
But try and tear yourself down off the cross...

And as the end closes in, you find
You're yearning for the life you left behind
Lived so small...
Built that wall...
Seems that for you there's no salvation after all...

Another day, another dime
Thanks so much for your time...
But I'm afraid that I really must be on my way...
My work here is done
And it's been fun
But there's only so many souls to save in a day...