Strip Me 1997 Mobius
(Chet Zeshonski)

And I don't want to feel
Like I'm falling down again
You strip me down until
Only emptiness remains

If there is no way out
How did I ever get in at all?

You keep on telling me
There's no need to be afraid
Defenses start to dull
For the thousandth time betrayed

I feel the wind again
Softly tearing at my wounded pride
I hear the empty fall
Of steps no longer walking by my side

And I can taste the rain
Falling down again
Feeling the whole
Burning my soul
And I can hear your promise
Empty, Echo, Vain,
Nothing to hold...
Nothing to hold...

And I don't want to be
Locked into a future past
The key of memory
It will set me free at last

Free to face the wind
Back turned to the void I leave behind
Into the sights unseen
The empty echoes whispering through my mind

And I can hear the storm
Raging in my wake
It's nothing to me
Nothing to me
And I hold on to
What you tried to take
So desperately...
So destiny...