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805 CD End of Light Best of 805 - End of Light: Best of 1979-1989
CD sold out (2005, 72 min.)
End of Light is available for direct digital download.

Tracks -
01 Stand In Line 10 The Hammer
02 Defense 11 Layna
03 Young Boys 12 Footsteps
04 Escape From Your Dream 13 Who Lied In Paradise
05 Christie 14 Fear of Finding
06 Let Me Stand Beside You 15 Pass This Way again
07 Night To Remember 16 Line Upon The Wall
08 One To One 17 End of Light
09 What About Us  

805 Band Biography

805 is a progressive rock band from Upstate NY.  Started in 1977 by Dave Porter, 805 was signed to RCA Records in 1980.  In 1982, Stand In Line produced by Dennis MacKay was released on RCA Records.  It went Number 33 on national radio airplay charts.  In 1985, 805 self released Question of Tomorrow. In 1989, 805 self released Edge of The World.  In 2005, 805 self released End Of Light Best of 1979 To 1989 CD.  In 2008, 805 issued remastered direct digital download releases of Stand In Line, Question of Tomorrow, Edge of The World, End of Light Best of 1979-1989, plus the release of Live Sounds From A Dark Past consisting of a live concert performance recorded on 11-26-2003.  In 2009, 805 issued Young Boys Live consisting of a live radio mobile broadcast recorded on 09-01-1982 during the peak of their national tour to promote the release of Stand In Line.  Band members over time have included Dave Porter on vocals and guitar, Greg "Creamo" Liss on bass, Ed Vivenzio on keyboards, Ron Cunningham on guitar and vocals, and brothers Frank Briggs and Gary Briggs on drums.

805 Band Inducted into SAMMYS Hall of Fame Lifetime Achievement Award 2011
By Jessica Novak, Syracuse New Times

Dave Porter after returning to Syracuse in 1975 had a band, Harpy, that started doing "weird things on stage," he admits. The music was simpler than his next band's would be, but the theatrical aspects of the show carried over. Pyrotechnics, 10-foot pythons and blowing things up became part of the routine. But for a variety of reasons, Harpy broke up and Porter went on the lookout "for people who were really wizards on their instruments." After extensive auditions he found bassist Greg Liss (also called Creamo), keys player Ed Vivenzio and drummer Frank Briggs as well as guitarist, vocalist Ron Cunningham (who was with the band until 1980), and formed 805 in 1977.

Shortly after Cunningham's departure, RCA signed the band while it was playing what Porter recalls as a "dive of a place" in Little Falls.  The band enjoyed quick success with RCA and had the chance to record at Electric Lady Studios in New York City. But within a few years, the excitement faded and in 1983 they were on their own. The band continued playing with the original lineup until 1986 and other lineups until 1989. Since then there have been several reunions, but the original lineup with Porter, Liss, Vivenzio and Briggs only played a few tunes at a 2003 appearance at the Turning Stone Resort and Casino. Putting the pieces back together has been a daunting task.

"We've got like four hours to try to relearn these kind of complicated songs," Porter says. "They're in weird time signatures. If you're playing a song that's in 7/8, in those beats, it's hard to make them sound smooth to begin with unless they're played right. We'll see how good we are after all these years."

Although the band won't be able to spit fire or blow things up this weekend, the stories haven't lost their luster. Porter recalls a show where they did their usual routine at the end—a set themed to old age and death that called for a concussion bomb to go off while Porter magically changed from an old man (he'd rip off a mask and old, worn clothes) to a beautiful young man in shining white clothes. In this instance, they set off the bomb and blew off half of the club's ceiling. Porter still recalls looking out and seeing a dazed, blinded crowd covered in debris.

"They just sat there," he says in disbelief. "They didn't even move." At the end of the night Porter slunk to the bar owner's office, fearing 805 would be banned from the club, forced to pay for the damage and denied their night's pay.

"He {the bar owner} goes, 'You blew half the ceiling down.' I go, 'I know, I'm sorry,'" Porter re-enacts. “He goes, 'That was f--king amazing! Do you know how many people are gonna be here the next time you play?' I was so surprised."

It's with fond memories of ceilings falling, bombs going off and Creamo sending fireballs rolling above the crowd (Porter claims they only had to douse Creamo once) that 805 returns, finally getting recognition for the contributions to music, theatrics and Syracuse.

Although other members couldn't make the interview, Porter is quick to remember those who will join him on the Sammys stage for the performance on Friday night. "It's 805 that's going into the Hall of Fame," he says thoughtfully.
"The other three musicians that surrounded me... I guess that was my big talent. The ability to surround myself with really incredible musicians. I pale in comparison to any of the three of them."

805 Band Dave Porter 2011

805 Discography

805 Young Boys Live MP3 320 VBR full length retail direct digital download remastered 2009 805 - Young Boys Live 09-01-1982 (2009, 65 min.)
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805 Band Live Sounds From The Dark Past MP3 320 VBR full length retail direct digital download 2008 805 - Live Sounds From A Dark Past 11-26-2003 (2008, 54 min.)
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805 CD End of Light Best of 805 - End of Light: Best of 1979-1989
CD sold out (2005, 72 min.)  
End of Light is available for direct digital download.
805 Live From The Dark Past DVD 805 - Live From The Dark Past
See a video of Fear of Finding and Stand In Line performed live by 805 in 2003.
805 Edge of The World CD 805 - Edge of The World
CD / Cassette (1989) OUT OF PRINT  Buy Direct Digital Download
805 - Question of Tomorrow
(1985) OUT OF PRINT 
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805 - Stand In Line
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Frank Briggs China Ranch CD drummer 805 Frank Briggs - China Ranch (drummer 805)
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