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Flatface and Shemp Dells Clambake mp3 full length CD digital download 320 VBR Flatface and the Shemp-Dells - Clambake
Direct Digital Download $9.99 (2001, 72 min.)
direct digital download 320 VBR

Tracks -
01 Havana Hotel 10 Big Fish
02 Couch Potato Blues 11 Shemp Dell Boogie
03 Cold Blue Steel 12 Gone Fishin'
04 When The Big One Comes Down 13 Green Beans
05 Punch Bowl Blues 14 Cold Water
06 Thinking of You (Jessica) 15 Believe In Me
07 Devil Down Below ft. Lisa Romano 16 Shadow Dancer ft. Lisa Romano
08 Ain't Gonna Worry 17 Sphincter Fire
09 Walking The Cat  

Flatface and ShempDells Yeah Baby full length retail mp3 direct download 320 VBR BLUES ROCK Flatface and the Shemp-Dells - Yeah Baby!
Direct Digital Download $9.99 (1999, 49 min.)
direct digital download 320 VBR

Tracks -
01 Bowlin' Ball 08 Yeah Baby
02 Chains 09 Gadabout Gadis
03 Big Bill 10 Homegrown
04 Briefcase 11 No Relief
05 Have It Your Way 12 My Dog
06 Tom Bombadils 13 Asswhip Annie
07 Gage  

Flatface and The Shemp Dells Biography

Flatface and the Shemp-Dells 

     The Shemps are a six piece rockin' blues band, working off a mix of roots rock, traditional and hard driving blues. Among other tunes, the Shemps cover the likes of John Lee Hooker, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Eric Clapton, and Jimi Hendrix. The Shemps can be heard expressing themselves with performances from their CD "Yeah Baby" which was released in December of 1999. This CD spent 8 months on the Syracuse Area GweemerHomeGrown Music Chart, five of which it spent at Number 1. It's success is certainly due to the wide range of sound, which appeals to fans of rock, blues, and country as well as the acoustic listener.
    Tim Allen, fondly dubbed "Gweemer", started this band in 1978 with fellow guitarist Bob Beattie. BobThey started off by playing blue grass tunes, "Grateful Dead" songs and old blues standards. These influences can be heard on the CD with such tracks as GADABOUT GADIS and BRIEF CASE (full of blues). Some if these ditties were written during that period. Over the years the band has gone through a lot changes, but Bob and Gweemer have stood by each other's sides. Bob has partied with his good buddy Gweemer all these years and co-written half the songs on their current CD, both of which are major accomplishments. While becoming legends in their hometown, these folk writers staying true to form, tell about the many tales of their travels that their passion presented them. Some of these stories can be heard on "Yeah Baby" and will also be found on their next release due out in the spring of 2001.
    Michael FarrarMike puts his mark on the band's sound with his undeniable passion filled six string. Along with his long time band mate Danny Cromp, on the Bass, they began playing in the early 80's. Their first experience on the music scene started with Dan's father's band the "Tri-County Drifters",Dan where they filled in once and awhile. It was here that the duo started playing together in their first band with fellow schoolmate Wayne Nichols. Over the years Mike & Dan played in a number of bands together. "12 O'clock Rock", "Blue Suede" & "ROADHOUSE" . As Roadhouse they opened for national acts including Blues legends "Savoy Brown", hard rockers "Quiet Riot" and local legend "Cold Sweat". After that Dan & Mike hooked up with former member of "Great White" and "Savoy Brown". The band was called "Bad Luck & Trouble". They both went on to join "MAD JACK", which had a couple of albums released in Upstate New York.
     Guiding the bands beat is the Shemp's drummer Dave Eldridge. As with Danny, this second generation musician's start in the band business can be credited to his father.Dave Just as their dad's created music together, Dave and Dan have continued the tradition. Growing up in the 80's Dave got into the heavy metal scene. Playing hard rock in the bands like "Onyx", "YKK", "Crywolf" & "The Slip". Today, Dave diversely adds to the band with both lead and backup vocals.
     The Shemp's newest member is Rick Jewett.Rick This keyboard player comes from an exciting background. His many accomplishments in the music world include traveling and recording with Savoy Brown. These recorded albums include: Live & Kicking and Let It Ride. With this band, Ricky toured the States, Canada, and Europe. During this time, he opened for other major acts such as Foghat, Johnny Winters, The Outlaws and Molly Hatchet. Also during this time he played at the 20th anniversary of Woodstock, the Detroit Blues Festival, and the Chicago Blues Festival. Rick has also added his influences to many of Syracuse's bands by playing and recording with Mad Jack, Cousin Jake, Dr. Killdean, Randy Case, and the Back Alley Boys.

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