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Jason Kessler CD Classical 12 String Steel Jason Kessler - Classical 12-String Steel 
CD $11.99 (1998, 66 min.) Jason Kessler - Classical 12-String Steel 

Tracks -
01 My Lord Willobe's Welcome Home 14 Alman
02 Galliard 15 Go From My Window
03 Queen Elizabeth's Galliard 16 Danza
04 Lachrimae Pavane 17 Toy for Two Lutes
05 Mrs. Winter's Jump 18 Drewrie's Accord
06 Tarleton's Risserrection 19 Galliard to the Flatt Pavane
07 Complaint 20 Entree de Luth
08 Fantasia 21 Four Inventions
09 Captain Digorie Piper's Galliard 22 Sonata in E Minor for Flute and Harpsichord
10 My Lady Hunsden's Puffe 23 Corrente
11 Aria con Variazioni 24 Concerto in D major for guitar and strings
12 Fantasia No. 10 25 Spiralicus
13 Song for Alonso 26 Sunshower

Jason Kessler CD Double String Duo Music of the Renaissance / Music of Today
Jason Kessler - Double String Duo Music of the Renaissance / Music of Today
CD $11.99 (2004, 75 min.) Jason Kessler - Doiuble String Duo

Tracks -
01 Alman 17 Preludium Suite in E Minor
02 My Lord Wilobe's Welcome Home 18 Presto Suite in E Minor
03 Lachrimae Pavane 19 Invention Number 11
04 Kemp's Jig 20 Allemande Suite in E Minor
05 Entree De Luth   21 Fuga Number 10 Well Tempered Clavier
06 Toy 22 Bouree Suite in E Minor
07 Captain Digore Piper's Galliard 23 Gigue Suite in E Minor
08 Can She Excuse 24 Spain
09 Complaint 25 Over The Rainbow
10 Sir John Smith his Almaine 26 Scotch and Soda
11 Galliard 27 Pork Pie Hat
12 Guardeme Las Vacas 28 Little Falls
13 Aria con Variazoni 29 American Holiday
14 Angie 30 Sunshower
15 Classical Gas 31 Colliope
16 Prelude Number 2 32 Sunny

Seaflight - Seaflight CD Seaflight - New Horizons
CD $11.99 (2011) Seaflight - New Horizons CD 

Tracks - 1. French Bop, 2. D-Funk, 3. Voyagers Blues, 4. Flat Five Jive, 5. On Target, 6. Sunrise, 7. Overdrive, 8. Seaflight, 9. Skyride, 10. Blues For Bartok, 11. Flight of the Eagles

Seaflight - Seaflight CD  Seaflight - Seaflight
CD $11.99 (1988) Seaflight - Seaflight CD

Tracks - 1. Outback, 2. On Target, 3. Midtide, 4. Labyrinth, 5. Sunshower, 6. Seaflight, 7. Voyager's Blue, 8. Skyride

Jason Kessler

Jason Kessler has performed classical guitar concerts as a soloist, member of various ensembles, and as a concerto soloist with orchestral members for the past twenty years. He is a graduate of Colgate University and studied classical guitar with William Viola of Philadelphia and composition at Syracuse University with Brian Israel.

Jason KesslerJason Kessler
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