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   Jimmy Black CD The Woarth Jimmy Black - The Woarth
                              CD-R $9.99 (2005
, 56 min.) Jimmy Black Woarth CD
Jimmy Black  - The Woarth full length 14 Track direct digital download for only $9.99.
01 Thanks For This Day 08 I'm Addicted to Rap Hip Hop
02 You Can See the Hunger in My Eyes 09 Az Tha World Turnz
03 Doing Thangs 10 Watching Me Strokin' U
04 Doo Mee Baby 11 Liberia
05 Imagine 12 Got Your Mind Open
06 Glass City 13 Only in Amerikkka
07 Big Swol 14 Instrumental

                                                        Jimmy Black Biography

Kendric Bedell aka Jimmy Black aka The Journeyman was born in Toledo Ohio, December 11, 1976.  At the age of two, he was sent to Monrovia Liberia. He returned to the United States at the age of seven. He started Rhyming in the 5th grade.  Born with a divine given talent to swiftly arrange vivacious and witty rhythmical word combinations; young Jimmy Black had not still reached his full potential. In 1993,he began writing rhymes and capturing most of his lyrical Compositions in notebooks and on audiocassettes. Heavily influence by his cousins, He began taking his art form, rap, seriously.  In 1995, he and his cousin began promoting shows. That following year, early 1996, Jimmy Black had been given the opportunity to perform at The McDonald Enterprise Winter City-Wide Fashion & Talent Showcase. Between late 1996 and 1997 Jimmy Black had been forced to take a short break from the music scene as a result of his traveling back and forth from Toledo Ohio to Silver Spring Maryland.  In 1998 it was time to get the ball rolling again, and he was even more determined as ever to make it all happen. He recorded his first solo debut, �The JOURNEYMAN�, which gave him much exposure and a shocking amount of street creditability.  In 1999, Jimmy Black felt like it was time to spread his wings a little bit, he then moved out to Richmond California. Fulfilling the exact goals he set out to accomplish in California. With even more songs under his belt. He headed Back East, this time, he was going back to Africa, to test out his yet unperfected skill. In the summer of 99' he performed at the Miss Liberia Pageant in Monrovia, Liberia.  In 2000, he's back on the east coast of the United States doing the Club scenes and different showcases, like The First ever Super Hip Hop talent showcase. In 2001, Jimmy Black, again had the chance to show his stuff at a Kemet Production talent showcase at Howard University Blackburn Center Ballroom. Also, he collaborated with another up and coming Liberian Artist name C-Alake, in the year of 2001.  Together they composed a conscience raising classic called �New Africa,� which was featured on C-Alake�s 2001 debut. Jimmy Black also had a great turnout at a Liberian club called Kendejah. He was given outstanding reviews by Caita with Liberian connection. During the summer of 2002, he performed at Fresh Flava Entertainment and Bliss Artist 4th Annual Music Festival at Ashanti land in Clinton, MD. In August of 2002, he performed at Brother Maniac CD release Party at Gee's nightclub in Cheverly, MD. Later that week, he knocks them out with his energetic performance at the B and K Talent and Comedy Showcase at the Public Playhouse in Cheverly, MD. Just days later, he amazed the crowd with his astounding stage performance at the CD baby Tour in Washington DC. He also graced the presence of The audience of the Cada-vez club in Washington DC. He has been on 92.3 rap attack in Baltimore, MD, Promoting his next hit Imagine featuring Brother Maniac.  In 2003, JIMMY BLACK was on the Doing Thangs Tour.  JIMMY BLACK has been featured and bless many albums, including a up and coming west coast hip hop sensation named Rinnessy. Rinnessy�s album ��All Iz Never Said,� was released in 04. And it features all three of the collaborations the duo completed. In 2005 Jimmy Black (The JOURNEYMAN�S) album �THE WOARTH� hit stores nationwide. His album features a heartfelt masterpiece he dedicates to his cousin, the Late Robert Neely A.K.A. Big Swol who past in April, 2000, and gave Jimmy Black the motivation to make their dream a reality. JIMMY BLACK is a star on the rise and is one of Mactivity Productions�s best kept secrets to be unleashed.

'Rap-Hip-Hop' Don't Stop
by Mark Bialczak, Music Critic, Syracuse Post Standard

When Kendric T. Bedell moved to Syracuse with his wife in November, the Central New York hip-
hop community grew stronger.

Under his performing name Jimmy Black - he took it from a smooth-as-silk point guard for the
University of North Carolina basketball team in the 1980s - Bedell's got a hot album and an
impressive live performance slot to his recent credit.

In May, Jimmy Black will be part of the Hip-Hop Palooza Tour, joining The Indikator,
Tah Phrum/Duh Bush and Brother Maniac in New York City, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington,
D.C. for four straight days.

The 14-song "The Woarth" shows that Jimmy Black raps with plenty of heart. The 29-year-old
built a style that encompasses his roots in Toledo, Ohio; Monrovia, Liberia; and Washington,

"I'm a positive artist. We push righteousness and positivity," Bedell says. "We try to
encourage each other to build, not break down."

The message starts strong with his spoken word poetry in "Thanks for This Day." Black says, "Is
a lot of people who didn't make it to see their birthday, the next day, their kids play."

His raps carry an edge. "You Can See the Hunger in My Eyes" couples rhymes with a thick beat
churlish enough to satisfy the roughest hip-hopper.

And he has fun, too. In "I'm Addicted to Rap-Hip-Hop," Black declares, "I don't know how to

Jimmy Black CD
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